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Background of Nelís Novelties Menís Rights Products

My wife and I had been having problems for several months, perhaps more than a year. We seemed to be in a part of our lives where pressures continually came from unexpected directions one after another without letting up. In the last year, she had been in an automobile accident, she was determined to be permanently disabled from an occupational injury and I had taken an early retirement package from the company I worked for to start my own company.  We decided I should take the package because of the yearís salary and medical coverage that was included and because we felt that layoffs were imminent.

By the end of the year 2002, we were at each other's throats nearly continuously. We had discussed joint counseling but put it off Ė a big mistake. On December 1st, 2002 we had a very heated argument and I lost my temper and shoved her against the refrigerator. She got mad and called the police. I was arrested and taken away in handcuffs. All my firearms were confiscated even though my wife told the arresting officer that I had never threatened her at all let alone with any weapon. So began our introduction to a corrupt, and I suspect illegal, system that violates menís constitutional rights.

At my preliminary hearing, a man accused of attacking a teenager with a pitchfork over a drug dispute had his bail set lower than mine. Another young adult that assaulted a rival gang member in a holding cell in full view of police officers was released on his own recognizance. The judge determined that I could not be released on my own recognizance and I was returned to jail.

The next time I came before a judge, I was slapped with a 3-year restraining order where I could not communicate with my wife in any form and was to stay at least 100 yards away from my house. This is the house I owned and lived in for 25 years Ė my wife and I had been together for about 4 years at the time. Keep in mind I have not been found guilty of anything yet.

My wife finally bailed me out 4 days later. We violated the restraining order and worked together to find an attorney on the Web to help us. At this point we had realized our mistakes and each of us had accepted the part we played in getting ourselves in this mess. We now wanted to put it behind us as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the system staffed with unprincipled corrupt attorneys, judges and prosecutors was not in a mood to release us until they had a chance to loot some of our wealth. These people work at their trade with all the human compassion and sense of justice of the medieval torturers of the Spanish Inquisition.

My wife attempted to speak to the charging district attorney. The woman didnít want to talk to her. It was evident from her bearing and contemptuous glare at the men around her that she was a misandrist. My attorney (who appeared to be non-confrontational) let this issue slide.

Another thing that we discovered was that the police report was wrong on several points. Both my wife and I contested the report as being false in several areas. In fact, we showed with pictures that there was no way what was alleged in the report could have happened in our kitchen. In addition, there were several statements attributed to her in the report that she claims she never said. Again, my cowardly attorney, more concerned with his cash flow than my rights, let the issue slide.

It was beginning to appear that I was being charged with more than what was in the falsified police report. It was as though, because of my male gender, that I was carrying some form of original sin.  I was judged inherently guilty of whole panoplies of undisclosed crimes, because I was a man.

I pleaded no contest and I was given 10 days jail time (with the option of a work furlough program) with credit for time served, fined $390.00 and told to attend 52 weeks of a domestic nonviolence program. The work furlough option had an associated cost of over $100 for administrative work. The domestic nonviolence classes cost $900. We had spent $1500.00 on my useless attorney. Total costs of our mistake were around $2900.00. In retrospect, I should have taken more time to find a good attorney and fought the charges.

I knew, from my newly acquired first hand experience, that the system was flawed but I had no idea on the extents of corruption. While participating in the domestic nonviolence program, I met a man that was in jail at the time of the alleged domestic violence incident.  His ex-girl friend lied about him because she found out he had gone back to his old flame. He was still charged by the district attorney. Another I met, who suffered from cerebral palsy, was accused of throwing his 250 lb wife out the passenger side of a Ford Bronco while driving. The man weighed around 160lbs, had mobility problems, the center consol of the Bronco makes it virtually impossible to reach the passenger side door and, finally, his wife admitted lying about the incident to the DA and that she really jumped out of the Bronco because she was mad at him. He was still charged! Yet another man pushed his wife away while she was kicking a newly healed broken leg during an argument and hurt her jaw. The wife admits she attacked first and the man was still charged by the DA. All these cases are generally pleaded no contest (as was mine). Most people do not have the resources to fight back. In certain cases, the courts to prevent him fighting back confiscate the financial resources of the defendant. Moreover, when a man fights back his case is usually heard near the end of the court day. Of course, he has to be there when the court opens. This in effect maximizes the time he has to spend to defend his case.

On the other hand, the domestic nonviolence program makes an effort to brainwash the coerced participants on the evils of being a man. Abuse is defined as basically anything a man does that upsets a woman. The definition of abuse is so low that virtually anything can be considered abuse.

But, a woman is not held accountable for her actions. If she strikes first it is only because he Ė the man -- made her do it somehow.  The program makes generous use of lies (95% of domestic violence is male Ė there is no evidence to support this statement and mountains of conflicting evidence) and misrepresentations to support their conclusion that men are evil.

Based on the above experiences and additional reading I have done, I have become a fervent menís rights activist. I believe that the rights of men are under an assault championed by misandrists and supported by pandering sycophantic celebrities and politicians.  I am hoping that the line of menís rights products offered will make the issue visible, promote menís activism and effect the necessary changes.

Andrť M. E. Nel

Nel's Novelties

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March 2004

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