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Rick Lyman Makes Common Misunderstanding of “Testosterone Crowd” 

“To win the presidency, Mr. Kerry won't need a majority of white male votes. No Democratic presidential candidate has managed to do that since Jimmy Carter in 1976, because of the party's perceived weak-kneed stance on military matters.” As a progressive white male who is disenchanted with the Democratic Party’s dealings with men’s issues, I have an alternative theory: white men are tired of a party the tows the feminist party line at all costs.


The following comments, written by NCFM, GNY member Werner R. Stutz, are in response to an article about discrimination against fathers by the courts. Please view the article "COURT-ORDERED SEXISM" by Robyn E. Blumner, Times Perspective Columnist, St. Petersburg Times (05/16/04).

March 24, 2004:
Women receive special awards – for being women

Did you know that New York City has a real online casino and an agency dedicated to women's issues? It's called the "Commission on Women's Issues (CWI)." It also has a slogan: "Making NYC Better for Women."  Surprised?

Background of Nel’s Novelties Men’s Rights Products

By the end of the year 2002, we were at each other's throats nearly continuously. We had discussed joint counseling but put it off – a big mistake. On December 1st, 2002 we had a very heated argument and I lost my temper and shoved her against the refrigerator. She got mad and called the police. I was arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

Father Ordered by Illinois Judge to Pay College Tuition, or Face Jail

McHENRY COUNTY, Ill., JANUARY 12, 2004 – A father of four was ordered this month by a circuit court judge to pay for his adult daughter’s college expenses, regardless of his ability to pay, and will be incarcerated if he cannot pay the obligation.

Discrimination in the Workplace: Not Just a Woman's Problem

In the summer of 2001, I was tasked with taking over as project manager of a key project for my former employer. This project, originally started by an outside consulting firm, had already been in progress for four years, was still not complete and was way over-budget. A female Vice President (VP) was not happy with the ways things were going either before or after I took charge. As pressure to complete this project became more intense, things got very ugly.

Male Bashing: Where'd That Come From?

For many men, I have noticed, there is nothing like enduring a divorce to bring to their attention the severe limitations and unfair expectations which our society places upon men. But it was long before my own divorce, 15 years ago, that I became aware that men face just as many hurdles and stereotypes than women have been confronting for many decades.   


A couple of my female colleagues at work have a nasty habit of making gratuitous snide comments about men. Matters between these women and myself came to a head one day when their words became downright vicious -- and were directed at me. One of them noticed from the sound of my voice that I was suffering from the last remnants of a cold. Chipperly she asked, "Peter, did you go see a doctor?" 

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