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During the early months of 2001, a group of NCFM members from the greater New York area met informally with the goal of establishing a local chapter. Appropriate documentation was submitted to NCFM-national, and on 4/4/01 the group was granted "provisional" status. Full-fledged status was granted by NCFM-national's Board of Directors on 6/2/02.

The group's first effort in support of men's perspectives on gender issues occurred on 1/31/01, when NCFM Board of Advisors member Warren Farrell, Ph.D. was scheduled to appear as a guest on a popular New York radio "audience participation" talk program, the Alan Colmes Show, on WEVD--1050AM, promoting his just-published book Father and Child Reunion. Mr. Colmes has a track record of hostility towards men's perspectives on gender issues, and, to provide a foil for Dr. Farrell, he also booked as a guest the vituperative feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. The nascent chapter's members phoned in repeatedly to ask incisive questions and make comments supportive of Dr. Farrell's perspectives on the air, letting other listeners know that Dr. Farrell is by no means a lone voice in the wilderness.

Other activities of the GNY Chapter during 2001 were varied.

A series of talks was presented by members of the GNY Chapter (and one guest of the chapter) for the chapter's fellow members and guests:

  • Edward M. Stephens, M.D., spoke on "Men's Mental Health and the 'Paternal Instinct'"
  • Stephen Thomas spoke on "The Good Father"
  • Gregory Singer spoke on "One Man's Experience in Gender Issues Activism"
  • Joseph R. Sahid, Esq., spoke on "Domestic Violence and the Law -- a Plan to Correct Inequality"
  • Myrna Thomas spoke on "Why Men's Issues Are Important for Women"
  • Richard B. Gartner, Ph.D., spoke on "Male Sexual Victimization: Barriers to Understanding and How to Remove Them"

In April '01, the GNY Chapter undertook a fund-raising initiative for a class action lawsuit that had been filed in the Federal Court in the District of Minnesota seeking to have the Battered Women's Act declared unconstitutional because it is not gender-neutral but instead discriminates in favor of women. Although plaintiffs lost their case, thanks to the GNY Chapter's fund-raising plaintiffs were able to file an appeal.

On 6/5/01, GNY Chapter members participated in the National Family Courts Protest sponsored by the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, featuring a march across the Brooklyn Bridge and a rally in front of Manhattan's Family Court building.

During August '01, GNY Chapter members in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey lent their support to the Canadian teenager Clayton Giles and his "Journey for Kids" through each of these states, helping to bring Mr. Giles's call for family court reform to the attention of elected officials, the press and the public at large.

During late August and early September '01, GNY Chapter members devised a plan for membership recruitment, featuring a roster of speakers in a public forum, which, due to the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks, was temporarily shelved. Discussion of the plan was revived later in the year and in early '02 -- and it may eventually be put into action.


During '02, the GNY Chapter undertook an activism project in conjunction with the Capital District Chapter of the Fathers' Rights Association of New York State ("FRANYS"). FRANYS sought NCFM's support for its efforts to encourage the passage of several bills pending in the state legislature. In response, the GNY Chapter circulated among its membership copies of materials about the legislation provided by FRANYS along with sample "boilerplate" letters for members to re-write in their own words and send to their state Senators and Representatives.

Also in '02, the GNY Chapter was approached by three greater New York public access CATV producers, seeking guests to appear on their respective shows, which deal with men's perspectives on gender issues. In response, GNY Chapter members have appeared on two programs that are broadcast in Long Island suburbs of New York City, "Families in Transition" and "The Men's Forum," along with one program that is broadcast in New York State suburbs north of the city, "MensNet." Individual GNY Chapter members have undertaken the project of sponsoring these programs for broadcast in Manhattan over Manhattan Neighborhood Network ("MNN").

In August '02, NCFM-national held its 25th anniversary conference in New York City, which was attended by delegates from around the country, including from as far away as Guam. Members of the GNY Chapter volunteered their time and energy to insure that this event being held in their own hometown would prove to be a success.

In September '02, the GNY Chapter participated in NCFM-national's Action Plan to Stop CEDAW (Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women), a U.N.-sponsored treaty that would soon be voted upon by the U.S. Senate and which would neglect the needs of males. Passage of the treaty was defeated.

In October '02, GNY Chapter President Edward M. Stephens, M.D., served as a facilitator in a conference workshop on the male experience of domestic violence, sponsored by the Queens Borough President's Task Force Against Domestic Violence.  Two NCFM members from outside the greater New York area also served as facilitators.  As reported in New York Newsday on 2/12/03, this workshop was the first time male victims of domestic violence have ever been discussed in a New York City agency's public forum on domestic violence.

In October and November '02, GNY Chapter members participated in two rallies in support of independent New York gubernatorial candidate Tom Golisano, who had announced his intention to endorse legislation that would favor presumptive shared parenting.

In December '02, GNY Chapter members Peter Allemano and David Friedman were featured guests on an installment of "Donahue" devoted to gender equity issues, broadcast nationally on MSNBC. Also featured on the program were the President of NCFM's Los Angeles Chapter, Marc Angelucci, and NCFM-national Board of Advisors member Warren Farrell, Ph.D.


In '03, on behalf of NCFM-national, the GNY Chapter undertook the project of obtaining non-governmental organization ("N.G.O.") advisory status with the United Nations -- an application process expected to last three years.

In February '03, the GNY Chapter hosted the noted journalist Rachel Lehmann-Haupt at its monthly meeting, where members and guests were interviewed for an upcoming article on the men's movement, to be published in New York Magazine.

On separate occasions during March and May '03, the GNY Chapter supported the efforts of two NCFM members from out-of-town to meet with prominent members of the city's social services, governmental and academic communities who concern themselves with domestic violence -- and these men's presentations of non-ideological perspectives on issues related to domestic violence met with overwhelmingly positive responses. As a direct result of these meetings, the Queens Borough President's office is asking their task force to ensure that gender-inclusive language be used in all written policies and procedures of New York City government affecting domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Members of the GNY Chapter not only participated in meetings, but extended brass-tacks-level logistical support to their colleagues from out-of-town, including providing overnight accommodations. (One enthusiastic GNY Chapter member quipped humorously that, after having hosted both men on different occasions, he felt his living room sofabed had become a historic artifact and ought to go on display one day in a yet-to-be-created Museum of the Men's Movement.)

On 4/1/03, several GNY Chapter members participated in Legislative Education and Awareness Day ("L.E.A.D.") in Albany, sponsored by the Coalition for Fathers & Families NY. GNY Chapter member David Friedman ran the press conference for the event, which included presentations by several legislators and GNY Chapter President Edward M. Stephens, M.D.

In April '03, the GNY Chapter disseminated several dozen press releases, as part of an effort coordinated by NCFM's Washington, D.C. Chapter, to bring attention to the anti-male bigotry inherent in a recent UNICEF press release.

On 5/3/03, GNY Chapter "Honorary" member Stanley Green of College Place, WA made two presentations on battered men at the Domestic Violence Community Summit, a conference held at York College in Jamaica, Queens.

On Memorial Day '03, the GNY Chapter launched its new website.

In June '03, the GNY Chapter kicked off an ad campaign to promote the group and its new website -- The traffic to this site has been increasing steadily. GNY Chapter President Edward M. Stephens, M.D. announced "Project Media" - a series of meetings for GNY members to increase effectiveness in promoting men's rights issues through the media.  The first meeting was held on 6/23/03.

In July '03, NCFM, GNY's "Project Media" started gaining some real momentum. Mark Sutton, an NCFM, GNY director, made his national television debut on MSNBC. The show featured a discussion about the recent "Hunting For Bambi" scandal. Mark effectively defended men against absurd claims made by feminists that "Hunting For Bambi" was yet another example of how men typically treat women with extreme cruelty. (Enlightened men and women realize by now that there are many instances where both men and women treat each other unjustly).

Also in July '03, NCFM, GNY President, Dr. Ed Stephens, and Mark conducted interviews for a Belgian newspaper and Dr. Stephens appeared on the Manhattan Cable News Channel.

On 7/28/03, a group of NCFM, GNY members met for 5 hours in Manhattan, NY to discuss effective media strategies. Have some good ideas on press releases, how to get into the media, etc.? Please send an Email to us. Thanks.

12/03 -- Thanks to all who have sent in so much supportive, positive feedback after visiting our new website. Please visit us frequently at for more updates. Again, this is only the beginning.

For a history of the men's movement itself, we recommend Men Freeing Men: Exploding the Myth of the Traditional Male, by Francis Baumli, Ph.D.  

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